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Evaluation Services
Helping edtech to be
lawful, safe and ethical

At EDDS, we believe that our solutions will soon become an intrinsic and transformative part of the global edtech industry.

We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we evaluate and every education authority that we help will improve outcomes for our children and our school systems. 


We are already engaged with policy makers, educators and edtech industry leaders across Europe: at the EU, in the UK, from Finland to Spain, from Ireland to Romania. Globally, we are advising and advocating with governments and NGOs from Japan to Brazil, Australia to the USA, with one common aim:  to ensure that the introduction of edtech is channeled positively and meaningfully, that governments, schools and parents can act to spot and prevent potential societal harms, and that our children’s data is protected from misuse, resale and or other harmful outcomes. 

We believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead edtech companies towards a successful future and make our children's education safer, and more secure. 

Together with our partners at Edtech Impact, we have launched evaluation and certification services for edtechs that want to get ahead, based on the comprehensive EDDS framework we have developed over the past five years. 


The first output from an evaluation is a confidential report which allows edtech vendors to make remedial corrections to their products where necessary. Edtech products which pass receive a digital certificate to show which of the five tests they have passed, making life easier for schools, trusts and education procurement teams to see which products they can trust.


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Evaluation and Certification

Data responsibility and privacy


Evaluation and certfication



Evaluation and Certification

Algorithmic fairness


Evauation and certification

Socio-ethical requirements


Evaluation and Certification

Digital accessibility

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