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EDDS aims to create an auditing regime for the EdTech sector (and soon for any tech targeting children!) and therefore works at the intersection of education, digital technologies, policy, research, innovation, and more. We aim to break the silos of knowledge by putting discussions and stakeholders together. Find out how you can contribute and join the drive for culture change, ethical standards, and education solutions with children's best interests in mind.

College of Reviewers

To ensure excellence in our systematic audits and verification and that we provide the right guidance for EdTech companies’ drive towards an ethical and sustainable course, we have created a unique, interdisciplinary College of Reviewers. It is made up of independent experts in their fields who review our evaluations, provide external feedback and further assess and support the auditing process.

With our College of Reviewers, we bring together the sharpest and most thoughtful scholars, practitioners, philosophers, analysts, EdTech developers, lawyers, policymakers, health experts, and representatives of other fields that may impact a child’s life and education.

Find out how you can join us in building trust, transparency, and accountability around EdTech.

Team Meeting

Join an event

EDDS convenes various events, high-level roundtables and participates in conferences and workshops all over the world. Take a look at our upcoming events and join us in the drive for ethical EdTech.


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Get the latest from our outreach and be in the know about how EDDS drives responsible EdTech development, meaningful governance and oversight. 

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