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Edtech Impact Quality Framework - a blueprint for ethical EdTechs

Together with Edtech Impact, WikIT AS, Education Alliance Finland, and What Worked Education, EDDS have developed a comprehensive quality framework to assess and certify EdTech products. The Framework has been built over the past five years in partnership with school stakeholders, EdTech companies, industry experts, analysts and researchers, and mapping existing standards and guidelines, with the goal of providing a clear roadmap for driving increased trust, transparency, and accountability for the EdTech industry worldwide.

The modules of assessment encompass minimum appropriate requirements that EdTech products should meet to guarantee that they prioritise children's and young people's wellbeing and right to quality education.




Our in-house team meets with each client and follows rigorous data collection across the various modules (data privacy, cybersecurity, age appropriate and inclusivity designs). Necessary data is collected which can include licensing agreements, policies, terms of service, security protocols, software code, visuals of various functionalities and other data.


EDDS evaluation is conducted through blind peer reviews through our College of Reviewers independent experts. Analysis, recommendations and actionable items are developed for the EdTech provider on where to improve their product in order to meet relevant minimum appropriate criteria.



the evaluation report is presented to the client with a follow up consultation and support. If the EdTech product meets the standards, it will be granted an 'active' certification with Edtech Impact. This means that the company is currently meeting appropriate requirements that prioritise children's wellbeing, needs and rights to quality education.

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