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Past events

  • WSIS Forum: (high-level track) Building confidence and security in the use of ICTs
    14 Mar, 15:00 – 15 Mar, 16:00
    Genève, Pl. des Nations 1211, 1202 Genève, Switzerland
    Cybersecurity is crucial to ensuring trustworthy and equitable access to connectivity. While digital technologies enable better management and productivity, their use also generate risks. During this high-level policy session EDDS will discuss the need for a security standard for the EdTech sector.
  • WSIS Forum (sessions): Benefits and risks of implementing digital technology in education
    13 Mar, 16:00 – 17:45
    Genève, Pl. des Nations 1211, 1202 Genève, Switzerland
    EDDS, together with Oxford Internet Institute, bring a multi-stakeholder panel to WSIS to discuss the challenges and opportunities and ways forward for governing and ensuring trust, transparency and accountability in a digitised education.
  • The State of Cybersecurity in K-12 Education
    08 Feb, 19:00 – 20:00 GMT
    The State of Cybersecurity in K-12 Education: The Need for a Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Standard for Education Technologies
  • Privacy by Design Conference 2023 (子供のプライバシー対策に必要なもの)
    27 Jan, 06:30 – 7:30
    Virtual Event
    Dixon Siu, MyData Global Board Member, Keiko Tanaka, Assistant Professor, Kyoto Institute of Information Studies, Dr Velislava Hillman, and Kohei Kurihara, Director of Privacy by Design Lab, will discuss the risks to children's privacy in highly digitalised educational systems.
  • EDDS working paper: The state of cybersecurity: voices from the edtech sector
    15 Dec 2022, 15:00 – 16:00
    EDDS launches its report on the state of cybersecurity: voices from the edtech sector, after meeting with edtech providers from across the globe. Cybersecurity organisations and edtech vendors, policymakers, researchers and security experts will join to discuss the research findings and what's next.
  • EDDS @ Westminster Education Forum
    06 Dec 2022, 09:00 – 13:00
    Westminster Forum Projects
    EDDS founder Dr Velislava Hillman joins the WFP panel experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities in harnessing technology to raise attainment - curriculum integration, aligning with the needs of teachers, tackling the digital divide, promoting accessibility and digital skills.
  • EDDS @ ECIAIR - 4th European Conference on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
    01 Dec 2022, 10:00 – 02 Dec 2022, 10:00
    Virtual conference
    The European Conference on the Impact of AI and Robotics (ECIAIR 2022) brings natural scientists, social scientists and philosophers together to envision the future of society in the context of advanced AI and Robotics. EDDS founder Dr Velislava Hillman joins as a keynote speaker.
  • EDDS @ IGF 2022 WS #258 Governing AI & Education Technologies Transforming Education
    28 Nov 2022, 09:30 – 02 Dec 2022, 09:30
    Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    EDDS founder Dr Velislava Hillman leads a workshop on the need for independent governance and benchmarking of the EdTech sector in this year's UN Internet Governance Forum, the global multi-stakeholder platform that facilitates the discussion of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet.
  • EDDS @ IALS 75: ILPC Annual Conference 2022 Online Safety in a Connected World
    17 Nov 2022, 09:30 – 18 Nov 2022, 17:00
    London, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Sq, London WC1B 5DR, UK
    The ILPC’s 7th Annual Conference will explore the impact of policymaking focused on ensuring 'online safety' and the increased use of data-driven systems that are connecting all aspects of society, particularly the implications of these changes for the rights and responsibilities of individuals.
  • Westminster Education Forum
    10 Nov 2022, 09:00 – 14:00
    Westminster Education Forum
    Improving cybersecurity in education settings in England - understanding current and emerging threats, and strengthening security and practices in schools, FE, HE, research and blended learning
  • EDDS @ CARNET Users Conference - CUC2022
    26 Oct 2022, 12:00 – 28 Oct 2022, 12:00
    Šibenik, Šibenik, Croatia
    Issues of openness, access, connectivity, artificial intelligence and identity are the topics of this year’s CARNET User Conference where EDDS founder Dr Velislava Hillman is invited to present and co-author Post Digital Research (2023) Cham: Springer.
  • School for thought: detect and virtual learning - what now?
    21 Sept 2022, 17:00 – 20:00 BST
    Children and Screens Institute
    The Institute of Digital Media and Child Development brings experts to discuss pressing questions about the impact of edtech on children's lives. EDDS founder Dr Velislava Hillman is invited to discuss setting standards in the sector.
  • EDDS @ European Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness
    08 Jun 2022, 09:00 – 10 Jun 2022, 06:00
    Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
    Algorithmic fairness is a rapidly growing research area, and the importance of this field will increase over the next years. EDDS founder Dr Velislava Hillman will discuss the risks of algorithmic (in)justice in education as a result of the digitalisation of education.
    20 May 2022, 13:05
    Online event
    At this online event, EDDS founder Dr Velislava Hillman talks about what is driving the edtech growth in education (whom do they benefit and how?)
    31 Mar 2022, 10:00 – 13:00
    OECD's Education and Skills directorate leads a discussion on “Building a child-centred digital environment”. EDDS will discuss children's voices and choices in a digitalised learning environment.
  • EDDS @ WISE 2021
    08 Dec 2021, 08:30
    Is It Safe? Digitalizing Education: Ethical and Responsible Leadership in Education at the Digital Turn
  • EDDS first roundtable with education stakeholders
    08 Nov 2021, 16:30
    Discussions with Data Privacy Officers, school leaders, edtech investors, and edtech operators on the need to identify a meaningful comprehensive framework of evaluating education technologies.
  • EDDS @ LSE
    08 Jun 2021, 12:00 – 13:00
    This event brings together experts from across sectors to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the DSA/DMA legislation packages.
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