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College of Reviewers

Digital technologies for children’s best interests and quality education (EdTech) should, at the most fundamental level, observe children’s rights and freedoms and promote quality and diversity; benefit children by providing opportunities for their participation and agency in the educational process; support sustainability and protect the independent and sacred nature of children’s ecosystems; and support their physical, social and emotional development as healthy, independent, and resilient adults who can develop original thought, personhood and apply their knowledge in the real world in ways that is fulfilling to them and contributing to self and societies. 


EDDS calls for EdTech that benefits and prioritises children’s best interests. Our drive is expressed in systematic, comprehensive, evidence-based, and child’s rights-dedicated methodology of auditing and verification of EdTech products. Together with EdTech Impact, an independent pedagogical review platform, EDDS conduct comprehensive audits and verification of EdTech products across ten verticals:

EDDS Ten Verticals for Good Edtech.png

To ensure excellence in our systematic audits and verification that we provide the right guidance for EdTech companies’ drive towards ethical and sustainable development, we have created a unique, interdisciplinary College of Reviewers. The College is made up of independent experts in their fields who review our evaluations, provide external feedback and further assess and support the auditing process.

With our College of Reviewers, we bring together the sharpest and most thoughtful scholars, practitioners, philosophers, analysts, EdTech developers, lawyers, policymakers, health experts, and representatives of other fields that may impact a child’s life and education.


We welcome interdisciplinary and diverse community of academics and practitioners to join the College of Reviewers.

Contact us for more information.

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