Data & Disorder

Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford, UK 

What information is collected as data in schools, by whom, why and how is that data used and repurposed? What are the risks and implications of the growing involvement of private (EdTech) providers in education on children's personal freedoms, rights and future life lifechances

At this conference, Velislava presented a clearer inside view of the granularity of data collection that happens everyday in public schools as more processes (instruction, assessment and practice) become digitised.

Big Data


Los Angeles, CA, USA

How can children and parents have more say in what data is collected, why and how education data is used by (EdTech) companies and government agencies? 
At IEEE, Velislava and co-author Varunram Ganesh (Duke 
University and MIT) present proof of concept for a distributed computational system that gives agency to families (parents and their children) to have more control and real choice about education data. 

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EdTech & Data Colonisation


London, UK

This event brings together experts from across sectors to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the DSA/DMA legislation packages create considering two important parameters: a) the “inevitability” of the collaboration of the public and private sector in the process of the digitalisation of education and b) the risks involved in the unchecked deployment of data-driven services in education including the colonisation of society’s collective vision about its future by profit-driven businesses.

June 8, 2021, 12:00-13:30.

Seats limited, connect with us to book a spot.