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AIED and EdTech Procurement: Challenges for Policy and Governance

Join us for an exclusive event in collaboration with Policy Connect, Eden Centre, the Data Science Institute at the London School of Economics and EDDS!

Event Details | Date: July 23, 2024 | Time: [14:00-15:45 pm GMT] | Format: Roundtable Webinar

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Policy Connect, Eden Centre and the Data Science Institute at LSE for an upcoming event that aims to tackle some of the most pertinent issues in education with advancing digital technologies.

The Intersection of AI and EdTech in Education: A Roundtable Discussion

The fast-paced evolution of AI and EdTech, with their predictive, automation, behavioural, and societal impact capabilities, brings about unparalleled opportunities and challenges across various fronts. As a response to the increasing interest from the Higher Education, Further Education, Secondary, and Primary Education sectors in the UK, an upcoming roundtable has been organized to convene key stakeholders for an online consultation. The goal is to engage in discussions and strategise possible ways forward for a cohesive approach to procuring, evaluating, and implementing AI and EdTech within the educational systems in the UK.

The consultation aligns with the landmark Procurement Bill and amendment 143 of the UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill.

Roundtable Consultation Overview:

  1. Key Focus Areas:

  • Key issues and challenges in the current AI and Edtech procurement and adoption

  1. Necessary Next Actions:

  • Policy proposals and report with recommendations and actionable points

  • Gathering views, evidence, and proposals from key stakeholders for multi-stakeholder collaboration

  1. Follow-Up Event: Public event in collaboration with LSE Eden Centre, Data Science Institute, Policy Connect, and EDDS

In addition to the virtual roundtable, there will be a public event hosted by the LSE Eden Centre and the Data Science Institute in collaboration with Policy Connect and EDDS, scheduled for October (TBC). This event will present the initial report in discussion with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Department for Education as actionable ways forward.

To register for the event visit here.

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