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EdTech Impact Quality Framework

This year EDDS achieved multiple partnerships together with Edtech Impact, WikIT AS, Education Alliance Finland, and What Worked Education to bring together the ambitious Edtech Impact Quality Framework with certifications to drive EdTech quality and transparency worldwide.

The new quality framework has been built over the past five years in partnership with school stakeholders, industry experts, analysts and researchers, with the goal of providing a clear roadmap for driving increased trust, transparency, and accountability for the EdTech industry worldwide.

The framework will be adaptable for different geographical markets with local expert partners, and aims to collaboratively work towards the creation of a set of quality standards.

Our launch event marked this ambitious work as we brought hundreds of Edtechs, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders together to share our efforts.

You can access the event recording below to learn more about the Framework, hear from its founding partners EDDS, Education Alliance Finland, Wikit and WhatWorked, and see how EdTech Impact users can get involved now >

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