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Taming EdTech: Book launch

In an era where education is increasingly governed by data-intensive algorithms, the unchecked power of private corporations supplying digital products poses significant risks to children's rights and future opportunities. In her forthcoming book, Velislava Hillman uncovers the normalised datafication and digital surveillance in schools, revealing how EdTech products often fail to enhance education equally for all students.

Taming EdTech is a call for a new regulatory framework dedicated to the meaningful oversight and governance of digital education. Hillman argues for a licensing regime that compels the EdTech industry to adhere to minimum appropriate standards before entering the classroom.

Beyond the potential benefits of educational technology, the book offers a comprehensive governance model that emphasises socio-technical, ethical, critical pedagogic, and human rights principles in the digitisation of education.

Set for release on October 17, 2024, with Bloomsbury Academic, Taming EdTech: Why Children Stand to Lose in an Unregulated Digitised Classroom is a must-read for anyone concerned with the future of education. For more information, visit Bloomsbury Academic.

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