protecting children's data

Today, parents and educators can barely comprehend the true extent and potential dangers for children and students posed by the unregulated use of educational data. At EDDS we simplify the complexity and minimise the risks of education data management misuse and act in loco parentis for the world's children. We break new ground in the area of education data governance.


Here are those who benefit from our work:

  • students and parents: we inform about data flows, management and uses of student-generated data and create tools and mechanisms for personal data control.

  • educational institutions: we offer robust and fit for purpose data governance frameworks that safeguard and empower education stakeholders and we drive the accountability of educational technology providers.

  • education technology providers: we develop low-risk, customisable and future-proof data governance strategies; and advance competitive advantage by supporting the development of responsible digital services and driving ethical business practices that respond to the high standards of the sector.

  • governments: we evaluate education technology providers and schools to identify the ways in which data is potentially mishandled or misused, and help develop platforms and regulations to protect children and students' data in the future.

We deliver by heading a consortium of world-leading academics, national research institutes, educators, education systems, communicators and technologists and in the process build networks and alliances of the willing, including EdTech companies, education systems and institutions who want to protect children's and other education data from unnecessary and unwarranted use or misuse.

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our vision

We want students and educators to be able to trust that their data is collected and used responsibly. We want data managers to operate confidently and responsibly and be aligned with the ethos and needs of education systems around the world.


our mission

We ask the most pressing questions and build human-centred and sustainable frameworks.

  • what are the education data collected about students?

  • where are they stored?

  • are they sufficiently secured?

  • who can have access to them?

  • how does their management affect education stakeholders?

  • who can be part of the decision-making about the way education data is managed? 

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EDDS independent audit

We are creating a standard framework to audit and build sustainable and accountable EdTech sector


  • confidential engagement with EdTech providers

  • developing our accountability framework and procurement of ethical EdTech

  • keeping in check data transactions respect students' data privacy and digital rights

Develop and update industry standards

  • we collaborate with all stakeholders in education

  • we set first benchmarking and best practices for the EdTech sector


  • we demonstrate progress at two levels - at education stakeholder and industry level

  • annual accountability reports and benchmarking

  • independent verified analysis agreed with stakeholders

  • roundtable communications

Read more about our Auditing Framework

EDDS is a consortium of experts from a number of national research institutes, industry, policy, and educational institutions with expertise in digital technologies, data privacy

EDDS is a state-of-the-art federated processing of personal data and integration in the education sector. It ensures student empowerment through personal data security, privacy and ownership. The EDDS platform is a digital moat that controls and keeps in check third-party data access with educational institutions. The digital moat: 

  • contributes to the promotion of GDPR

  • uses privacy-preserving technological components that deliver cyber threat intelligence and data sharing solutions 

  • aims to strengthen the European ecosystem of home-grown and open-source EdTech products and services

  • provides interfaces to help educators and parents see how students' data is handled and used - and provide the tools to help them make good choices about what is acceptable and what is not.

EDDS - technological innovator


Science and technology is at the core of what makes EDDS such a unique and fulfilling place to work. We take pride in the diversity of our staff, with each member contributing their unique skills to the projects we are working on.


Dr Velislava Hillman

Founder and Partner

Velislava is a senior researcher and works at the intersection of big data, individual privacy, children and education. She is a Visiting Fellow at London School of Economics and Political Science ('20-'21), and an alumna at Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society in Harvard University. Velislava aims to create awareness about the data that is collected every day from multiple EdTech providers in schools and develop solutions that audit and hold such companies accountable for how they manage and use this data. Her dedication is to give voice to children and young people and emphasise how they view, think about and experience education technologies and data-driven learning environments. Through EDDS the goal is to empower individuals to have a real choice in digitised learning environments and therefore the power to their own futures.

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Our expert partners

The EDDS consortium includes academic and national research institutes from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Jordan, Malta, Great Britain and a highly skilled EU communications team in Brussels.


UCM (Spain)

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) is the largest university in Spain (with 85,000 students), the 7th largest non-distance university in Europe, and 10th oldest university in the world, with its origin traced back to 1293.